About Us

Sugary Creations came about from my boyfriend pushing me that I should sell my cookies because they were so good. I spent a lot of time thinking & researching before deciding to actually do so. The fact that my great-grandmother ran a very successful boarding house for @ 50 years was encouragement. When choosing a name, I didn't want to limit myself just to cookies in case I wanted to expand my offerings. A wise decision as before I found a location for my business I decided to add cakes & cupcakes to the offerings.

Looking around, I noticed that in my area most successful places in my field had more than 1 thing going--sold breads & rolls also, sold cake decorating supplies or catered also. I decided I wanted to have a room available for rent for parties, showers, classes, etc. & kept that in mind when renting.

I quit my job & started doing some very serious research. Before I actually opened a location, Jim, then my husband, had been diagnosed with lung cancer & then brain cancer. I stayed at home taking care of him & refining my ideas for my business. While I enjoyed doing the research & making plans, I was no longer anxious to open as soon as possible. The reason being that my being able to do would be as a result of my husband's death.

In the spring of 2009, I rented a place that was large enough to enable me to carry out my dream. My older brother, who had been staying with me, said he would take of the remodeling work for me so it became even more of a family thing. Except for things that had to be done by licensed professional ie: electricians, plumbers, 95% of the work was done by or under the supervision of my brother. The hired labor he needed was provided by my oldest daughter's boyfriend.

Since opening, I've spent my time organizing & reorganizing things as I try to find the best set up for me. Attending meetings has become an important part of my life as I have learned how important networking in person with other local businesses is to becoming successful. I have joined the Chamber of Commerce & am being guided in all the opportunities they have to offer.

It's not easy but I enjoy the challenge. Learning a lot & meeting some incredibly nice people who are eager to mentor me. I can truthfully say that I'm having as wonderful a time as I can have considering the circumstances. Doing this has forced me to get out & restart my life after my husband's death so that's another positive thing that has come from opening my business.

Catherine Spears
Sugary Creations